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Painted Identities - October 26th / november 27th 2022

Enzo Casale

Enzo Casale's solo exibition curated by Alberto Dambruoso entitled "Painted Identities" opens on october 26th at 6.00pm at Caruso Palace.

About twenty works created by the artist in the last two years will be presented I the exhibition, documenting the result of his latest research. A pictorial cycle in which the protagonists are the human figures, investigated by the artist through a careful psychological analisys, able to restore to the viewer even the charatter of the people portrayed. But the human figure is also empitied by Casale and remain only a shape looming over everyting around it or the figure is distorted, modified and transformed or is still crossed by grids. Sometimes it emerges from the darkness or breaks in color and becomes ethereal as in a journey towards a fluid and weightless world, free without borders. What clearly transpires from these works is also the artist s great propensity to experiment with different materials and techniques.


Enzo Casale lives and works in Rome. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in Painting, then attended the Academy of Costume and Fashion. He collaborates with several stylists and creates collections for the knitwear and clothing industries. In 2003 he returned full time to painting. The sign wrapped energetic and powerful, others more delicate and soft, declares that the world is not divided into masculine and feminine, but that there is also a vast range of possibilities to live own sexuality outside these two categories. His subjects are reserved and composed in their own silences, an art declined in the images exhibited and in the whispered stories, in the gesture of painting and in the emotion of poetry. He prefers figuration subjected to processes of reinterpretation, of deformation that belongs to the culture of the European informal.

Enzo Casale. Painted Identities
The exibition will be open by appointment until November 27th-free entrance
Opening hours: 11am -7pm
excluding the days: november Monday 7th, Tuesday gth and Wednesday gth
Reservations required by October 24

Exhibition space: Caruso Palace - Barberini square, 5 - Rome
Info: +39 06 42013530 - info@palazzocaruso.com - enzocasale@gmail.com

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